Donna Woods. Out Of My Sight.

You made your decision, made your choice
You left my life, I missed your voice
When you left, I fell apart
Forever awaiting my brand new start

Tears of sadness, a heart of pain
Drenched in sunshine but soaked with rain
You chose to part, you had to go
Although it hurt and I would miss you so

I understood your reasons why
You had to leave and say goodbye
My tears would eventually run dry
And I’d learn to smile instead of cry

Memories would haunt me still
But they would soon start to fade
A new future of memories
Were just waiting to be made

The heartache would eventually heal
And the time would soon pass
It was time to look to the future
And not to dwell on the past

The scars are a constant reminder
Although they are now fading fast
I have now begun to realise that
Some things weren’t meant to last

Another’s touch is waiting for me
To show me how love really should be
Yesterday’s sadness will soon disappear
And things will be right when they’re near

Their gentle kiss will awaken my love
And their arms will fit around me like a glove
When I’m feeling lonely, sad and blue
They will know exactly what to do

They’re out there somewhere waiting for me
To show me true love and how it should be
Tomorrow is my future, yesterday is my past
No use in regrets of a love that couldn’t last

You made your decision, made your choice
I have learned to live and forget your voice
New arms are now waiting to hold me tight
You are out of my thoughts, out of my sight

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